Who is Springer Blogger??

I thought it might be nice to provide an introduction to myself so you can get to know a bit about me and how I came to be involved with ESRA. My first Springer was a Springer/Border Collie mix named Gabby. A coworker had a Springer that had an unplanned pregnancy and I ended up with one of her puppies. I knew just about nothing despite having grown up with dogs. Gabby was an amazing dog and the root of my love of Springers even though she looked like a Border Collie and acted a lot like one too. Next came “the twins” – two beautiful black and white bench bred Springers. I purchased Wembley from a breeder and although I had learned a lot with Gabby, I still had a lot to learn. Wembley was an amazing dog and eventually I ended up adopting his littermate Lucy from my then boyfriend at the time. I have to say I’ve never regretted taking Lucy and getting rid of that particular boyfriend. We will fast forward a bit here in my story but during this time there was a lot of mischief, training, dog shows (in obedience), and learning (mostly by me).

In 2008, I decided to become a volunteer with ESRA while living in Texas. Wembley and Lucy had brought me an immeasurable amount of joy and I wanted to do something to give back. They were 10 and Lucy really only liked the company of her brother so fostering wasn’t an option for me at that time but I worked on transports, phone interviews, site visits, etc. and made some fantastic friends along the way.

A couple of years later I took a job in Illinois and moved Wembley, Lucy and myself into temporary housing… a 1 bedroom apartment. Three weeks later Lucy died from congestive heart failure at Purdue University. I’m not sure I can put into words the shock and devastation that I felt and I know Wembley felt. She had never given any signs of being sick and she was just gone. We were trying to deal with this after having just moved and knowing no one. As badly as I ached and grieved for Lu, watching Wembley grieve was so much worse. He barked constantly while I was gone to work. When I was home he slept from exhaustion and grief. Thankfully my apartment neighbors were also gone during the day and the guy downstairs was very understanding. I eventually rented a two bedroom home with a fenced yard.

I tried everything. Between myself and a pet sitter, someone was checking on him every 2 hours and taking him out for a walk. I consulted with a behaviorist and the vet. We tried giving him something to relax him. I tried thundershirts. Nothing helped. This went on for several months and I knew that the only solution was a friend. I called ESRA and asked my dear friend Beth to let me know if she found the right dog. I just knew it could not be a little black and white girl like Lucy. I figured she would send me an older liver and white girl. She didn’t. She called me a week later and told me that she had the most perfect black and white boy. He was maybe 1 – 1-1/2 years old and was going to be one of those dogs that was perfect in every way. He had been found as a stray loose in very heavy Dallas traffic.

So, this is how I came to have my first ESRA rescue Springer. Linus was put on a plane and sent to me in Illinois from Texas. I picked Linus up at the airport. He was a baby and so wiggly and sweet. I was in love immediately which was good because he threw up on me in the car before we left the airport parking lot.

We had a very slow introduction of Wembley (who is 12) and Linus and it went well. I went to work the next day and when I came home for lunch, I remember walking up to the back door and hearing… silence for the first time in 5 months. Wembley was not inside barking!! I opened the backdoor unsure of what I would find. Wembley wasn’t hearing so well at this time so he didn’t hear me come in. What I found was Wembley laying next to Linus’ crate in the living room sound asleep. Linus had done in one day what I could not do in 5 months.

I ask you this… is it possible to fall in love a second time within 2 days?

If Wembley didn’t greet me at the backdoor, I found him next to Linus’ crate every day. Wembley lived another 2 years and I eventually lost him to prostate cancer. During those last two years, he was remarkable for a dog his age and I loved watching he and Linus play. He had a better life than I could have given him all thanks to Linus.

So, now it’s just Linus and I. He is my buddy. We do everything together and Beth was right. He is perfect in just about every way. I love him so deeply for the silly, wiggly, sweet and sensitive dog that he is. I love him so much for what he gave Wembley during his last 2 years of life. I love him so much for what he has given me that I didn’t even know I needed until he came into my life. I’m not sure who rescued who here.

So I started volunteering with ESRA to give back the joy that my Springers had brought me but I’m not sure I can ever repay what my ESRA resuced Springer Linus has brought me. I’m still an ESRA volunteer and this blog will undoubtedly reflect the view of an ESRA volunteer many times.

Now you know a little about me and my sweet Linus. I hope that you will share your rescue stories of hope, inspiration and joy on this blog. It is a key element and the reason that so many of us continue to give through this organization. Below is one of my favorite pictures of Wembley and Linus. It’s not a great picture but they truly loved each other and one that I cherish.  I hope that you will feel free to share your Springer stories here too. I look forward to all things Springer!

Wembley and Linus Sleeping

9 thoughts on “Who is Springer Blogger??

  1. I am the Grandmother of those wonderful dogs and I have had the most wonderful cry just now thinking about all the wonderful times we have shared with the fur babies. What a blessing . Shari you have been an amazing Mother to all of them. Thanks for sharing with me. Love you.

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  2. Shari, it is so special to hear about your history and love of and for our beloved Springers. Of course knowing Linus and how womderful that boy is, I love all the pre- Linus pups too even though I never had the privilege of meeting them. I am really looking forward to your blog and all the Springer sharing from everyone.
    Ronnie Riner, mother of Jamie, Josie, and now Jagger

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  3. Shari very heart felt story to those of us who truly love these dogs. This wonderful rescue organization has brought so many people together. Without it we would never have met you Shari, Linus and Sharis wonderful mom, Patricia among many, many others with the common thread ” Springer Lovers” of this special breed
    I felt so honored to have this piece of art to “label” Sharis Blog. Thank you all for the lovely compliments. They are so appreciated. I love giving and sharing anything I can do to help the ESRA with funding raising. I just want to paint springers and if accepted do whatever it takes to make money to Foster, rehome, rescue, etc. I love giving to this cause…it is so worthy.
    This blog is going to be very helpful and interesting….GO Shari! Good Luck!

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  4. Hi Shari and Linus from Texas!!!!! Shari your story is awesome. Those babies have brought so much to your life. However, remember what YOU have brought to them. You gave and are giving to them a warm, safe home, great food, the best medical care and tons and tons of love. That’s what they needed and craved and you give it by the bucket full!!!!! Thank you for starting this blog my dear friend! Your enthusiasm and love for all things springer will shine through!!!!


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  5. Love this, Shari! I know we all have a story. I also decided to get involved with ESRA because of my first Springer, Oliver. He gave me 15 yrs of happiness and I wanted to give something back to this wonderful breed.

    Give Linus a hug from me!


  6. Love your story and loved how Linus helped Wembley. I feel such love for Springers. There has always been one in my life. My parents had Angie before I was born. She was the first in our family which now is a long line of Springers.
    Piper is my latest Springer. We got her for our Emma, next weekend is her 1st birthday. Emma was also grieving after we lost our special Chelsea. It broke my heart to see Emma change from such a happy dog to a sad dog. Chelsea was Emma second mom, the second Emma put her puppy paws on the floor in our house. Chelsea scooped her up and that was that, she loved Emma as much as we did. Emma gave so much love in return too, she kept our Chelsea young and I think she kept her healthier longer. We were all so sad when she passed. At first we didn’t want a second dog, but Emma changed so we knew we needed someone for her. But what ? A puppy or and older dog? That took us some time to figure out. Then we found some pups and it took Emma a couple of days but now she and Piper are a good pair. Emma is by no means here second mom though, more like the bossy big sister.
    Now I feel it’s time for me to find the Michigan Rescue Springer group to help.
    Thanks for your story.


    1. Karen. Thanks for sharing your story. I love the dynamic of multiple dogs in the family. It makes things interesting. The ESRA coordinator will be listed on the ESRA website. There’s a link on the blog! I’m so excited that you want to volunteer. It’s been so rewarding for me and I’ve made lifelong friends!


  7. What a beautiful story, and I too have the perfect Springer rescue, Boone. My ESRA experience was just as wonderful with Felicia, the coordinator in Austin. I got my baby Boone at just 7 weeks old; he’s now 13 years old and, thank God, still acts and smiles like the beloved puppy he is. He’s so smart, loving and gorgeous with “polka dots” on his face, “tuxedo” saddle and long tail with a white feather flag tail. He’s everything a good companion dog should be. Thank you to all the ESRA volunteers. You spread happiness in the forms of rescue Springers!

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